If you buy your next car in stick, you'll get the hang of it in a week. There's nothing like integrating a stick shift into your daily driving routine that forces you to learn it quickly. Keep up the good work! » 3/07/15 12:49pm 3/07/15 12:49pm

Fuel efficient fun? 178hp and near 300tq tuned in a 3200lb hatchback on coilovers and pilot super sports works pretty well for me. Oh, and 40+ mpg if I stay out of boost (which I absolutely don't.) » 2/10/15 11:08am 2/10/15 11:08am

Yup, I'll be the obnoxious one. I loved it... until I drove my A3 and an E39 530i sport and realized I wasn't a fan. Isolated ride and probably the laziest throttle response of any car I've driven. » 1/20/15 11:27pm 1/20/15 11:27pm

There are nuances to driving a DSG just like there are nuances to driving a manual. It will NEVER downshift in manual mode unless you push past full throttle and hit the kickdown switch. I have to TRY to do this; you can easily apply full throttle without hitting it. You do have a valid point; when accelerating under… » 11/08/14 8:40pm 11/08/14 8:40pm

You know what this means... PILOT SUPER SPORT TIME! On the real, though, that sucks. Look on the bright side and use it as an opportunity to get some decent performance tires. Pilot Super Sports and Bilstein coilovers have transformed my A3 TDI. » 11/08/14 10:34am 11/08/14 10:34am

A couple months ago, I was at Supercar Sunday with a couple of my buddies and we were about to go for a canyon run. The parking lot had staggered spaces (two spaces partially overlapped in the back with mine) and the parking lot exit lane in front of me was blocked. I had backed in, so I looked over my right shoulder… » 10/23/14 10:55am 10/23/14 10:55am

This past Sunday was awesome.

Good morning Oppo! Here are a couple pictures taken by a professional photographer of my A3 on this past weekend's Audi Club LA cruise up Highway 33 in Ojai, one of my favorite roads ever carved into a mountainside. Great times with great people as usual. I highly recommend the road if you're anywhere near the area. » 10/23/14 9:28am 10/23/14 9:28am

Haha that's not me, i'm to the left a bit with the yellow towel under my arm. But as coincidence has it, I was wearing driving loafers as well! » 10/23/14 9:25am 10/23/14 9:25am

Let him pay for it. More than likely the insurance won't do anything about the diminished value anyway. I'm 17 and have had one sort-of accident (backing out of parking space through another parking space and bumped an Evo.) I waited for the guy and exchanged info even though damage was minimal, and offered to pay… » 10/17/14 10:12am 10/17/14 10:12am

When I first got my A3 TDI, I tried to play the hypermiling game occasionally on long highway trips. I found that I could drive 60, be miserable, and get 50 MPG, or drive 75 with the AC on, not give fuel economy a second thought, and get 43-44. Guess which one I do. One tip though, since it's a DSG, put it in manual… » 10/16/14 12:04am 10/16/14 12:04am